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European Journal of Theatre and Performance

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About the Journal

The European Journal of Theatre and Performance is an international multilingual online journal published by the European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance (EASTAP). EJTP aims to stimulate a close dialogue between theory and practice, and between theatre and performance scholars and artists across Europe and beyond. Starting from the local, it wants to question the global and to promote boundary-crossing, taking in consideration European backgrounds and the variety of methodologies and theoretical approaches to the adjacent fields of theatre, performance, and dance studies, both from historical and contemporary perspectives.

This document provides general instructions as well as a Quick Style Guide for authors whose proposal for the journal’s Essays Section has been accepted. Please read carefully through this document to ensure you submit your review in accordance with the guidelines for this section.

Please note that texts in the Essays Section of the journal must be based on original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. All submitted articles will undergo double-blind peer review by anonymous experts.



• For any general questions related to the Essays Section, please contact the journal’s Associate Editor at
• For any specific questions related to editorial matters, please contact your personal guest editor.
• Please always include the journal’s acronym ‘EJTP’ in the subject line of your email.


The maximum length of final articles should not exceed 9.000 words. This includes abstracts (one in English and one in an additional language), biographical note, footnotes, and bibliography.

For articles written in languages other than English

• Articles can be written in the language of the author’s preference.
• Authors should specify in their proposals in which language they intend to write their essay.
• If you write your article in a language other than English, you will receive a different Quick Style Guide than the one provided below.
• Please note that authors will be asked to secure professional proofreading for all articles written in languages other than English.
• Authors may also choose to submit their article in more than one language.

Formatting and Style

• Texts should be submitted in MS Word format.
• Articles written in English use UK spelling, punctuation, and grammar conventions.
• Formal requirements:
– Font: Times New Roman, 12-point, 1.5 spacing.
– Paragraphs are separated by a blank line. Please do not use indentations for new paragraphs.
– Headings: texts should be structured into different sections with appropriate headings. Please do not number the headings (as in: 1 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 2 /…).
– Please use single (‘…’) quotation marks and not double (“…”).
– Please italicise (and do not underline) titles, foreign phrases, and emphases.
• All articles should follow the MHRA author-date system for referencing and bibliography. More detailed instructions are provided in the Quick Style Guide below.
• An Article Word template is also available. Please use this template to format your article.

Submitting your essay

• Texts should be sent electronically to:
• Please make sure your submission is compiled as follows:
– TITLE PAGE (with author name(s); affiliation; email address; short biographical note of max. 100 words)
– ABSTRACT (100-150 words; in English and at least in one additional language)
– List of 3-5 KEYWORDS, separated by a comma (in English and at least in one additional language)
– ARTICLE (including footnotes)
– IMAGE CAPTIONS (inserted at the end of the article)
• Images (if applicable) should be sent separately. For more instructions, see the complete PDF document (p. 15)

Download the Complete Document with the detailed QUICK STYLE GUIDE in PDF.