Publishing Director
The Publishing Director is the person legally responsible for publication.

The Editors-in-Chief
are responsible for the editorial direction, strategic planning, and profiling of the journal.

Agata Łuksza (University of Warsaw – Poland)
Luk Van den Dries (University of Antwerp – Belgium)

Contact: ejtp_editors@eastap.com

Associate Editor
The Assistant Editor is responsible for coordinating the production process and assists with proofreading and copyediting.

Timmy De Laet (University of Antwerp – Belgium)
Contact: ejtp_editors@eastap.com

Managing Editors
The Managing Editors are responsible for journal subscriptions and provide support with the production process by ensuring deadlines are met and by assisting with image editing.

Pieter Verstraete (University of Groningen – The Netherlands & Free University Berlin – Germany)
Valentina Temussi (Institute of the Arts, Barcelona – Spain)

Contact: ejtp_editors@eastap.com

Journal Accountant

Asta Petrikiene
Contact: secretary@eastap.com

Section Conveners
The Section Conveners are responsible for curating and coordinating the different sections of the journal.

Essays Section: Luk Van den Dries, Agata Łuksza, Timmy De Laet, Pieter Verstraete, Valentina Temussi
Contact: ejtp_editors@eastap.com

Artists in Focus Section: Armando Rotondi (Institute of the Arts Barcelona – Spain)
Contact: armando.rotondi@gmail.com

From the Archives Section: Cristina Modreanu (Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania), José Pedro Sousa (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Contact: sousazepedro@hotmail.com; cmodreanu@yahoo.com

Book Reviews Editorial Team
The Book Reviews Editorial Team is responsible for selecting books and reviewers as well as for editing the book reviews.

Contact: Aldo Milohnić (University of Ljubljana – Slovenia),  

Valentina Temussi (Institute of the Arts, Barcelona – Spain)
Maria João Brilhante (University of Lisbon – Portugal)
Milija Gluhović (University of Warwick – UK)

Editorial Board
The Editorial Board is responsible for proposing topics and contributions for the journal as well as for providing support in the production of the subsequent issues.

Maria-Joaõ Brilhante (University of Lisbon – Portugal)
Kenza Jernite (University of Paris Nanterre – France)
Milija Gluhović (University of Warwick – UK)
Aldo Milohnić (University of Ljubljana – Slovenia)
Lorenzo Mango (University of Naples – Italy)
Armando Rotondi (Institute of the Arts Barcelona – Spain) 
Leonardo Mancini (University of Torino – Italy)

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board helps with recruiting peer reviewers, provides advice on topics, and gives feedback on published issues.

Christopher Balme (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – Germany)
Georges Banu (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3 – France)
Annamaria Cascetta (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Italy)
Petr Christov (Charles University – Czech Republic)
Eleni Papalexiou (University of the Peloponnese – Greece)
Tiina Rosenberg (Stockholm University – Sweden)
Adolfo Ayuso Roy (University of Zaragoza – Spain)
Dorota Sajewska (Ruhr University Bochum – Germany)
Weronika Szczawińska (Artist Scholar – Poland)
Tiago Rodrigues (Artistic Director Teatro Nacional D. Maria II – Portugal)
Rustom Bharucha (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi – India)

Copy Editors

Roxanne Lapidus (Issue 1)
Oliver Paynel (Issue 2)
Hugh Sillitoe (Issue 3)
Sally Baggott (Issue 4 & 5)
Kristen Ebert-Wagner (Issue 6)

Graphic Design

Marta Anjos

Web Design and Development

Alain Nardelli