Publishing Director
The Publishing Director is the legal person responsible for publication.

Daniele Vianello (University of Calabria, UNICAL – Italy)
Contact: daniele.vianello@unical.it

The Editors-in-Chief are responsible for the journal organization, the Editorial Board and the Board of Advisors.

Agata Łuksza (University of Warsaw – Poland)
Contact: agata.luksza@uw.edu.pl

Luk Van den Dries (University of Antwerp – Belgium)
Contact: luc.vandendries@uantwerpen.be

Associate Editor
The Assistant Editor is responsible provides editorial support to the Managing Editors.

Timmy De Laet (University of Antwerp – Belgium)
Contact: timmy.delaet@uantwerpen.be

Managing Editors
The Managing Editor is responsible for journal subscriptions and provides editorial support to the Editors-in-Chief and Section Convenors.

Pieter Verstraete (University of Groningen – The Netherlands & Free University Berlin – Germany)
Contact: p.m.g.verstraete@rug.nl

Valentina Temussi (Institute of the Arts, Barcelona – Spain)
Contact: valentinatemussi@hotmail.com

Journal Accountant

Stefania Lodi Rizzini
Contact: stefania.lr@gmail.com

Section Conveners
The Section Conveners are responsible for curating and coordinating the different sections of the journal.

Essays Section: Luk Van den Dries, Agata Łuksza, Timmy De Laet, Pieter Verstraete, Valentina Temussi
Contact: luc.vandendries@uantwerpen.be ; agata.luksza@uw.edu.pl; timmy.delaet@uantwerpen.be; p.m.g.verstraete@rug.nl; valentinatemussi@hotmail.com

Artists in Focus Section: Armando Rotondi (Institute of the Arts Barcelona – Spain)
Contact: armando.rotondi@gmail.com

From the Archives Section: Didier Plassard (Université Paul Valéry – Montpellier – France)
Contact: didier.plassard@wanadoo.fr

Book Reviews Section: Valentina Temussi (Institute of the Arts, Barcelona – Spain)
Contact: valentinatemussi@hotmail.com

Editorial Board
The Editorial Board is responsible for proposing topics and contributions for the journal as well as for providing support in the production of the subsequent issues.

Maria-Joaõ Brilhante (University of Lisbon – Portugal)
Nancy Delhalle (University of Liège – Belgium)
Milija Gluhović (University of Warwick – UK)
Aldo Milohnić (University of Ljubljana – Slovenia)
Lorenzo Mango (University of Naples – Italy)
Armando Rotondi (Institute of the Arts Barcelona – Spain)

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board helps with peer-reviewing, give advice on topics and give feedback on published issues.

Christopher Balme (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – Germany)
Georges Banu (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3 – France)
Annamaria Cascetta (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Italy)
Petr Christov (Charles University – Czech Republic)
Eleni Papalexiou (University of the Peloponnese – Greece)
Tiina Rosenberg (Stockholm University – Sweden)
Adolfo Ayuso Roy (University of Zaragoza – Spain)
Dorota Sajewska (University of Zurich – Switzerland)
Weronika Szczawińska (Artist Scholar – Poland)
Tiago Rodrigues (Artistic Director Teatro Nacional D. Maria II – Portugal)

Copy Editors

Roxanne Lapidus (Issue 1)
Oliver Paynel (Issue 2)
Sally Baggott (Issue 3 & 4)


Marta Anjos

Web Design and development

Alain Nardelli