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The European Journal of Theatre and Performance (EJTP) is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance (EASTAP). EJTP aims to stimulate a close dialogue between theory and practice, as well as between theatre and performance scholars and artists across Europe and beyond. Valuing the importance of local practices and scholarly traditions, EJTP wants to question global tendencies and to promote productive crossovers between either geographical or disciplinary boundaries instead. Taking Europe as its starting point, EJTP welcomes a variety of practices, methodologies, and theoretical approaches, from both historical and contemporary perspectives, in order to broaden the purview of the adjacent fields of theatre, performance, and dance studies.

EJTP’s mission consists of the following five pillars:

  • EJTP is the only journal with a specific focus on performance practices and scholarship in Europe, even while the orientation towards Europe is approached broadly (thus including topics and authors that are not necessarily European-based) as well as in a critical manner (thus raising questions on the so-called ‘imagined communities’, identities, and collective histories that are said to constitute regional cohesion).
  • EJTP is pan-European and not based in one nation, which means the journal introduces uniquely intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches, whilst paying particular attention to local traditions in terms of both performance practices and research methodologies.
  • EJTP deepens the relation between theory and practice, which in recent years has started to play an ever more prominent role through the growing recognition that performance generates knowledge through practice. EJTP aims to contribute to these developments by featuring specific sections that publish artist writings and sources documenting artistic processes as well as research processes (cf. Artist in Focus section; Scholar in Focus section; From the Archives section).
  • EJTP actively pursues to represent a diversity of authors and approaches, with specific attention to research from countries that are underrepresented within academic publishing. Through its close association with EASTAP, EJTP is committed to ensure a wide range of nationalities featured in the journal.
  • EJTP always strives to find a right balance between contemporary and historical topics and methods of research, in order to make sure that sufficient attention is paid to the historicization of the field by placing current interests and concerns in their proper social and cultural contexts.

All submitted articles accepted by EJTP’s Editorial Board undergo double-blind peer review by anonymous experts. Please note that contributions in the Essays Section must be based on original work not under consideration for publication elsewhere.