European Journal of Theatre and Performance

The objective of the journal is to become an open window onto Theatre and Performance. It is a place in which to develop our discipline as well as to search for new directions. It will stimulate a close dialogue between theory and practice, and between theatre and performance scholars and artists across Europe. It is a space where theatre can reflect and be critical about itself, and a space intimately connected with the world that surrounds it. Starting from the local, it is also a place in which to question the global and to promote boundary-crossing, taking in consideration European backgrounds and the variety of methodologies and theoretical approaches to our field.  It also will work to enable a number of languages to be used within the journal.

The journal is committed to the following:

  • Endeavor to make a range of European voices heard in a variety of languages, in order to become a site for exchange.
  • Give space to artists’ research.
  • Provide reports on current academic research from across Europe.
  • Focus on local issues that can become the subject of journal special issues.
  • Give access to books that are inaccessible owing to language barriers.

The journal will stimulate an intense dialogue between all stakeholders: universities, performance scholars and artists across Europe, regardless of nationality or language. It will provide an open space in which to promote fruitful exchange

A word from Josette Féral

Josette Féral, Publishing Director.

The creation of a new journal is a challenge as great and exhilarating as that of forming a new organization, since both enterprises draw researchers together in addressing important issues of our times. These enterprise also enable us to extend the boundaries of our field of theatre by exploring new initiatives.

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