European Journal of Theatre and Performance – ISSUE 4 – JUNE 2022

Activism and Spectatorship


GUEST EDITORS: Agata Łuksza and Pieter Verstraete

  • Editorial Introduction
  • GUEST EDITORS: Agata Łuksza, Pieter Verstraete
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  • L’Odéon est ouvert !!! Theatrical Activism in Paris 1968 and 2021
  • Hanna Huber

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  • The Performative Dimension of Anti-Speciesism Activism: Essere Animali and
    Anonymous for the Voiceless
  • Laura Budriesi

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  • Reappropriation of Public Space: Autonomous Space Making from Istanbul’s
    Alternative Theatre Scene to the Gezi Movement
  • Zeynep Uğur

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  • From Repertoires of Resistance to Monuments of Absence
  • Denİz Başar

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  • Patria, God, and Guns: An Analysis of Brazilian Right-Wing Street Protests from 2013 to 2021
  • Juliana Coelho and Julia Guimarães

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  • Pátria, Família e Armas: Uma Análise dos Protestos de Rua de Direita no Brasil de 2013 a 2021
  • Juliana Coelho and Julia Guimarães

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  • Theatrical Assemblies and their Discontents: Representation and Resentment in the Light of a Pandemic
  • Leon Gabriel

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  • Performing Gendered Disaster Nationalism and its Feminist Resistance in China during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Yingjun Wei

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  • The Red Flag and Other Signs: Reconstructing Socialist Identity in Protest as Performance
  • Rebecca Hillman

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GUEST EDITORS: Stefania Lodi Rizzini and Armando Rotondi

Looking Through Darkness, in Search of Empathy: An Interview with Phia Ménard

  • Stefania Lodi Rizzini

Phia Ménard: The Body of Contestation

  • Katie Lavers, Jon Burtt, Louis Patrick Leroux

Phia Ménard’s Vortex: Body and Skin, Performance and Fiction

  • Joëlle Chambon

The Body Threatened by Dark Matter in Phia Ménard’s Work

  • Mélissa Bertrand

Phia Ménard: Establishing the Relationship of Matter to the Cosmos

  • Emma Merabet

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FROM THE ARCHIVES – The Emergence of Contemporary Dance in Yugoslavia: Dalija Aćin (1995-1999)
GUEST EDITORS: Dunja Njaradi and Milica Ivić

The Emergence of Contemporary Dance in Yugoslavia: Dalija Aćin (1995-1999)

  • GUEST EDITORS: Dunja Njaradi and Milica Ivić

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EDITORS: Valentina Temussi, Maria João Brilhante, Milija Gluhović, Armando Rotondi


  • VINCENZO DEL GAUDIO. 2020. Theatron: Verso una mediologia del theatro e della performance
    (Rome: Meltremi)
    Review by Armando Rotondi
  • WOLFGANG JANSEN. 2020. Popular Music Theatre under Socialism
    (Münster, Germany: Waxmann Verlag GmbH)
    Review by Nick Hollamby
  • DAPHNE P. LEI, CHARLOTTE McIVOR (eds.). 2020. Intercuturalism and Performance (The Methuem Drama Handbook of)
    (London: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama)
    Review by Ameet Parameswaran
  • LEDA MARIA MARTINS. 2021. Performances Do Tempo Espiralar: Poéticas Do Corpo-Tela
    (Rio de Janeiro: Cobogó)
    Review by Sílvia Fernandes
  • JEAN-LUC NANCY. 2021. Cruor
    (Paris: Éditions Galilée)
    Review by Alícia Rodríguez Campi
  • GORAN PETROVIĆ-LOTINA. 2021. Choreographing Agonism: Politics, Strategies and Performances of the Left
    (Cham: Palgrave Macmillan)
    Review by Tom Drayton
  • MARTIN REVERMANN. 2022. Brecht and Tragedy: Radicalism, Traditionalism, Eristics
    (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)
    Review by Silvija Jestrovic
  • STEFANO TOMASSINI. 2020. Tempo Perso: Danza e Coreografia Dello Stare Fermi
    (Milano: Scalpendi editore)
    Review by Marta Keller
  • ANA BIGOTTE VIEIRA. 2021. Uma Curadoria da Falta: O Serviço ACARTE da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 1984–1989
    (Lisboa: Sistema Solar)
    Review by Francesca Rayner

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